WANTED MAZDA R100 RX2 RX3 RX4 RX7 RX8 - $66,666,666 (Mazda Enthusiast I collect! I buy!)

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MAZDA ROTARY car or truck!
Call or text 630 802 2366
We are looking for the following mazda rotary vehicles:
Mazda r100
Mazda Rx2 (coupe or sedan)
Mazda Rx3 (coupe/sedan OR Wagon)
Mazda Rx4
Mazda rx5
ANY YEAR RX7S 1979- 1995 (gs,gsl,GSLSE . R1 , R2)
RX8 2008-2011 (R3 )
ALSO INTERESTED in piston early 70s mazdas. (Mazda 1200, 808, 616)
Estate sale?
Have one in a garage? Barn? Outside? We are interested in SEEING what you have!!!
Looking for a couple of nice Projects or even parts cars.
Cash paid -we are serious buyers!
CALL/ TEXT 630 802 2366


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