COLLATERAL-BASED PRIVATE MONEY FOR REAL ESTATE DEALS, TAXES, ETC. (Tri-cities and all of Washington and Oregon State)

Do you need money now to purchase a property?...finish a rehab?.... refinance your property?...pay delinquent real estate taxes?

My partners and I can help you TODAY get the money you need with our COLLATERAL-BASED FUNDING.

SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION HERE: https://westsoundcapital.com/application-borrower

We are local, legitimate Private Money Lenders (we do not broker loans for a fee). We are seeking to loan money to people in the local community who have real estate for collateral.

Here is what you need to know:

- We offer the easiest and quickest real estate funding.
- We fund real estate transactions faster than most lenders, because we use our own money.
- No Credit Score and No Appraisal required.
- We are NOT a Hard Money Lender, nor do we have long, lengthy loan processes.

We can loan you money to:

- Purchase an investment property,
- Pay off delinquent real estate taxes,
- Rehab your property,
- Pay off loans or debts,
- Fund your lease to purchase or land contract, and,
- ANY other business funding need you may have.

We base our funding decisions on the value of the collateral property, internally, no outside appraisal required.

Confidential ways to contact us…

SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION HERE: https://westsoundcapital.com/application-borrower

OR CALL/TEXT (855) 644-0978 with the following information:

• How much money you need?
• What are you using the money for? (property purchase, real estate refi, delinquent real estate taxes, business opportunity)?
• What property you can use for collateral?

P.S. Often, we are on the phone helping other people when you call. Leave us a message, with the answers to the questions above, and we will happily return your call.

PPS. To learn more about our funding options, please watch our videos on the bottom of this page by copying and pasting into your browser:



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