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Rehoming our 2 year old female AKC Silver Lab. She is on the smaller side, only weighing 60lbs. She's had genetic testing done through Embark and has zero health issues. Her name is Beth. She is BEYOND loveable, literally her goal in life is to people please. She would love to be a lap dog and cuddle all day. She knows how to sit, stay and lay down and is a pro walking on a leash. She is kennel trained and absolutely LOVES her kennel. She has been an inside dog with access to a doggie door her whole life. She's been around kids and cats. The reason we are rehoming her is strictly because we love her and want better for her. She wants to be loved on and paid attention to (if you meet her you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about) and our lifestyle does not allow that. We are going to be SUPER picky on the home she goes to. The new home needs to have young kids that will play and love on her, they need to have a fenced yard for her to run and get exercise, they need to have her be a mostly inside dog like she's acustom too, most of all the family needs to have time to actually spend with her. Bottom line she must be an very active part of your family.

The only cons she has is 1) She, along with almost all Silvers has a food allergy to chicken/chicken byproduct and can only eat dog food 2) She ever since being a puppy scarfs down her food, so she has to be fed, not be left unlimited amounts of food or she will eat and eat till she becomes sick. 3) She barks at strangers, she doesn't have a "barking problem" it's just clear she's wanting to protect our us from people she doesn't know.
We are asking a rehoming fee to cover her metal kennel and her xl large dog bed (these are things she's most attached too), plus we are only interested in families that can cover the rehoming expense, so we know they can cover her future care. If your family is interested in Beth, please send me a private message with info detailing your family dynamics and a picture of your back yard.

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