Multi instrumentalist with pro gear available Octorber1st (Richland)

I'm a bass player at heart, but I've been playing guitar almost as long as I've been playing bass (I started at 7 YO). I also play keys as well. I have pro gear for each: Bass, guitar and keys. I also have mics, mic stands, multiple mixers etc that can be used by whoever needs to use them. I'm an adequate back up singer (no lead) with a solid ear for harmony. However, I've been told my voice is kind of nasally. Think Billy Corgan. I usually end up taking the high parts in bands I've played with in the past. Born in 1970, music from the 60s & 70s are happily tattooed in my brain. I love the music of the 80s as well. I was in my 20s during the 80s and 90s. I was young enough to be open to the new genera's, watching these new genera's develop and grow is something that will probably never happen again. And I was especially diggin' and keeping up with the new technology.

I have a full studio for professional recording using Logic. However, I'll use some of the digital tools in Logic (especially the mastering tools) but I like to use older 'outboard' gear as far as mic preamps, compressing, limiting, EQ, reverb etc.
I'll be moving to Richland in early September. I will be available by, or before if needed, October 1st. I feel comfortable and confident playing in any popular genera. I'm not familiar with the newer country music, but since most of it is recycled blues and rock, I can learn it quickly. I'm looking forward to playing live. I can fill in if needed as well. I'm cool with starting a new band for those looking to do so. Finally, tribute acts have a big draw where I live currently. Just an idea.

If interested, please text first at show contact info . I will either text back or call.

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