Polk Audio - Complete setup - $3,300 (Richland, WA)

I am selling a complete setup of Polk Audio equipment. This means two Tower speakers, two rear speakers, a front center speaker and a powered subwoofer (details to follow).

These are from the 1985-91 Polk Audio SDA line which is regarded by audiophiles as the finest line of mass-market home speakers ever made. The Tower speakers are Polk's flagship SDA-SRS speakers (SDA = Stereo Dimensional Array). In this case the SDA-SRS speakers, one left and one right, are the SRS2.3. The towers include: two 1" drivers, SL2000 tweeters, four 6.5" midranges, and one 15" fluid-coupled subwoofer. They are 50"H x 20.7"W x 12.3"D and they weigh 135 pounds each.
The center speaker is the Polk CS400 which is especially good for the voice frequencies.
The powered subwoofer is the Polk PSW650. When you want to listen to Top Gun and hear the jets leave the catapult this will do it. The PSW650 can bring you up close and personal with big sound whether it's cathedral organ or a great orchestra at full sound.
The rear pair of speakers is the Polk F/X 500. These do a great job of creating the surround sound that is so enjoyable.

Whether you want these for home theater, classical music or rock they will bring you the kind of sound that most setups cannot approach. It is amazing to hear.

I am the original owner. These speakers have always had TLC and are not blemished. I am selling as a package and not as individual components.

Send me an email with your name and phone number. I'll call. If you can see the ad they're available. In order to sort out the obvious scammers I insist on the phone link. No phone = no response.

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